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Reference date 31/12/2018
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Name Parvest
Nationality Luxembourg
UCI typology
Open-ended fund UCITS
Legal structure company CIF
Operational structure open-ended
Investment policy investments compliant with conditions of Directive2009/65/EC (UCITS)
Depositary BNP Paribas Securities Services Luxembourg Branch
Registered seat Rue Edward Steichen 10, 2540 Luxembourg
Offering Public
FSMA authorization UCI 1900/01/01 00:00:00 GMT+0
FSMA delisting UCI 2100/01/01 00:00:00 GMT+0
Total net assets UCI,07 EUR
Subfunds  (109) Absolute Return Currency 10 (USD)
Bond Absolute Return V350
Bond Asia Ex-Japan
Bond Best Selection World Emerging
Bond Euro
Bond Euro Corporate
Bond Euro Government
Bond Euro High Yield
Bond Euro Inflation-Linked
Bond Euro Long Term
Bond Euro Medium Term
Bond Euro Short Term
Bond Euro Short Term Corporate
Bond JPY
Bond RMB
Bond USA High Yield
Bond USD
Bond USD Short Duration
Bond World
Bond World Emerging
Bond World Emerging Local
Bond World High Yield
Bond World High Yield Short Duration
Bond World Income
Bond World Inflation-Linked
Bonds Absolute Return V700
Climate Impact
Consumer Innovators
Convertible Bond Europe
Convertible Bond Europe Small Cap
Convertible Bond World
Covered Bond Euro
Cross Asset Absolute Return
Disruptive Technology
Diversified (Dynamic)
Dynamic Currencies (Euro)
Energy Innovators
Enhanced Cash 6 Months
Equity Asia Ex-Japan Small Cap
Equity Asia Pacific Ex-Japan
Equity Best Selection Asia Ex-Japan
Equity Best Selection Euro
Equity Best Selection Europe
Equity Best Selection Europe Ex-UK
Equity Best Selection World
Equity Brazil
Equity China
Equity China A-Shares
Equity Europe Emerging
Equity Europe Growth
Equity Europe Mid Cap
Equity Europe Small Cap
Equity Europe Value
Equity Germany
Equity High Dividend Asia Pacific Ex-Japan
Equity High Dividend USA
Equity India
Equity Indonesia
Equity Japan
Equity Japan Small Cap
Equity Latin America
Equity New Frontiers
Equity Nordic Small Cap
Equity Russia
Equity Russia Opportunities
Equity Turkey
Equity USA
Equity USA Growth
Equity USA Mid Cap
Equity USA Small Cap
Equity USA Value DEFI
Equity World Emerging
Equity World Emerging Low Volatility
Equity World Low Volatility
Equity World Telecom
Europe Flexible Equities
Europe Real Estate
European Total Return Bond
Finance Innovators
Flexible Bond Euro
Flexible Bond Europe Corporate
Flexible Equity Europe
Flexible Multi-Asset
Floor 90 Euro
Global Environment
Greater Europe
Green Bond
Green Tigers
Health Care Innovators
Human Development
Money Market Euro
Money Market USD
Multi-Asset Income Emerging
QIS Multi-Factor Credit Euro
Real Estate Securities Europe
Real Estate Securities Pacific
Real Estate Securities World
Short Term (Dollar)
Short Term (Euro)
Smart Food
Step 90 Euro
Sustainable Bond Euro
Sustainable Bond Euro Corporate
Sustainable Bond World Corporate
Sustainable Equity Europe
Sustainable Equity High Dividend Europe