Agefi AM Tech Day - 5 Oktober 2021

When seeking the perfect partner, a bit of experience usually helps… This is certainly true for asset and wealth managers who have been busily striking partnerships in recent years with a view to cutting costs or transforming their operating or business models. We can now reasonably ask which of these have been most successful in embracing open innovation. Also, what qualities the perfect partner needs in 2021 to meet today’s challenges, which are plentiful… Streamlining middle and back offices, harmonising the data base, making it more internally accessible and secure, fine-tuning the investment process to seize new opportunities to buy and sell, improving management of financial and non-financial risks, allowing different teams (technological, sales, marketing and product) to work closer together to accelerate response times, etc.

With the sector riding its latest wave of outsourcing – which was expected but has been intensified by the health and economic crisis – what are the limits of partnership? What makes a perfect partner? How can you embed the need for continuous transformation into a firm’s business culture and management while leaving teams free and agile? But also, how can you turn the firm into the perfect partner for clients, creating a virtuous circle between their engagement and the firm’s brand recognition?

At stake in all these challenges is, of course, the issue of improving competitiveness. But does Europe allow member states the means to nurture world leaders? To defend the sector against GAFA?

This year, L’Agefi will also be shining a spotlight on the small and medium-sized investment management companies which have their own selling point. By leveraging their operational flexibility, some have been able to avoid the rush for critical mass. Which of these have proved successful?

To identify the winners and cast a fresh eye on these many and varied developments, we invite you to join us on Tuesday, 5 October at the Palais Brongniart, Paris, for the 12th AM Tech Day. As well as conference sessions, a host of surprises and experiences await, which will make it a unique experience.


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