Agefi AM Tech Day - 8 Oktober 2019

AM TECH DAY is the European market event dedicated to the impact of technological innovation on the asset management industry and led by asset managers, wealth managers, asset owners, insurers and FinTechs.

For the 2019 event, L’Agefi staff have drawn up a one-day programme comprising an opening conference followed by 9 discussion sessions in which top experts analyse the main challenges facing the asset management community today. The challenge is no longer to incorporate the concepts of AI, big data, deep learning or blockchain technology in an experimental manner or to part of their operations but to use them to adapt, optimise and improve their organisation and business model and so create a competitive advantage. Early adopters of the new technologies will talk about their transformation and experiences. For others, the big issue now is to take the right decisions ahead “just before the great (R)evolution” in the industry.

For others, the purpose of the event is to understand their positioning and assess their progress or, perhaps, delay on a European and global stage.


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